Our Mission

To build, with our customers, quality comprehensive pharmacy services. To maximize business opportunities through innovative programs, aggressive leadership and the synergy created among our employees and customers. 

Real Solutions For Your Pharmacy Needs

Our goal is to provide excellent, consistent service that our customers can rely on. 

We strive for safety. The safety of our clients is important to us. 

Specialized packaging options to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Focus


Acute, Rehab, L.T.A.C., and Behavioral Hospitals are our focus. We understand that hospitals are looking for a pharmacy that they can trust and who provides excellent service. We understand that hospitals have specialized needs. GPS employs on-site dispensing technology to minimize the wait time for STAT orders. Our pharmacy team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your staff with urgent request. Let GPS be your Pharmacy Choice!    

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Centers

We love taking care of our nursing homes and we strive to make sure each facility gets the service they deserve.  We also work on saving each facility money and we know this is very important to the owner and administrator. Our Focus is our Assisted Living Centers, too.  We do a great job with residents who leave out on pass.  We know it's important to the Director of Nursing to be able to get the personalization they want for their facility.  We provide great value to each facility!  Let GPS be your Pharmacy Choice!      

Outpatient Providers

Our Focus is our Outpatient Providers such as:  Hospice, Group Homes, Residential Care, Adult Day Care Programs, and Disabilities & Special Needs. We at GPS understand your need to provide pharmacy services to all your patients. Our team will provide you with the proper knowledge necessary to overcome any challenge you may face with pharmacy problems.  Let GPS be your Pharmacy Choice!  


Check out this great video on our packaging system that saves you TIME & MONEY